Welcome to Ghosthosting.net a simpler, friendlier way to host your website.

We can help you create your own website, design one for you from scratch or just take your current website, host it on our servers and manage the content for you if you want from time to time.

We can create podcasts for your site, blog for you in fact we’ll pretty much take the load off your marketing feet if that is what you wish. Be careful though we can be scary.

Drop us an email at client@ghosthosting.net ask Bones our friendly ghost anything you want.



This part of the site tells you who we are. We are Bones the friendly ghost that can help you with all your website worries. We work in a bespoke manner creating, building and delivering what you want.

You can meet with any of our team, except Bones who tends to prefer nightshift. Talk about what you want, be it website refresh, podcasts created for your company or even a full design of a brand new site with all the chains and wails possible.

Drop us an email client@ghoshosting.net or go to our contact page.


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